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A Time To Be Born — Meditations Four, Five And Six

Meditation Four incorporates one of the richest childbirth scriptures there is. When Hannah was unable to have a child, she prayed to God, saying that if God would give her a child, she would give him to the Lord “for all the days of his life.” (I Samuel 1:11, NIV) Hannah didn’t merely give Samuel to God figuratively or intellectually or emotionally. She physically gave Samuel to God with all Hannah’s being. Hannah’s action also marks her spiritual discernment about God’s gift of Samuel to Hannah. Though one of God’s most majestic gifts to parents is a child, the child always belongs to God. We sometimes forget this after the child is born and has lived with us for a while. Hannah made a giant leap of faith so that she would never forget it.

Meditation Five explores the birth of Moses. Exodus 2:1-10 contains one of the sweetest stories in scripture because it speaks to the love of a mother.  It is also one of the most dramatic scriptural childbirth accounts. Moses’ mother Jochebed, willing to do anything to save her baby’s life, prepared a papyrus basket that placed Moses in the hands of Pharaoh’s daughter and saved his life. She was willing to give him up to rescue him.

Meditation Six focuses on the birth of Jesus as told in Matthew 1:18-24; 2:1-23 and in Luke 2:4-16. The nativity of Jesus blends the majesty and the lowliness of birth. Jesus was visited by wealthy wise men from the east who brought fine gifts and bowed before the Christ child. And he was visited by hardworking shepherds to whom the angelic chorus had appeared. Birth is a great equalizer. A child is a miraculous gift from God to all people, regardless of rank or station in life. “Glory to God in the highest heaven.”

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