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The Scripture Blog

God Honored

"O GOD, "Praise waiteth for thee, and to render it is my noblest exercise; This [...]

Man’s Great End

"LORD OF ALL BEING, "Theere is one thing that deserves my greatest care, that calls [...]

A Present Salvation

"CREATOR AND REDEEMER GOD, "Author of all existence, source of all blessedness, I adore thee [...]

God Enjoyed

"THOU INCOMPREHENSIBLE BUT PRAYER-HEARING GOD, "Known, but beyond knowledge, revealed, but unrevealed, my wants and [...]

Who Lives With God?

PSALM 15, NIV "Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent? Who may live in [...]


After watching and absorbing a recent sunrise, I began jotting down some notes about what [...]

Divine Mercies

"THOU ETERNAL GOD, "Thine is surpassing greatness, unspeakable goodness, super-abundant grace; I can as soon [...]

The Divine Will

"O Lord, "I hang on thee; I see, believe, live, when thy will, not mine, [...]

The Mover

"O SUPREME MOVING CAUSE, "May I always be subordinate to thee, be dependent upon thee, [...]

The All-Good

"MY GOD, "Thou hast helped me to see, that whatever good be in honor and [...]