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Christmas, Advent, Babies, Children, Being Born Again

As we are in the midst of the Christmas season and what some Christians call [...]

Prophecies About Messiah’s Birth

Since we are in the season of Advent, perhaps we should take a brief look [...]

Warning Against Discrimination

In James 2, we read that Christians are not to show favoritism. The example given [...]

Do Everything Without Grumbling Or Arguing

A few days ago, family members and I were talking about how difficult it can [...]

Human Rules Vs. Things Above

There is an interesting, somewhat troubling, passage of scripture in Colossians 2 and 3. "Since [...]

Different Gifts Of Believers In Christ

In Romans 12, Paul writes about the gifts that believers in Christ have, urging believers [...]

Do You Pray Jesus’s Prayer The Way He Taught It?

Hardly anything is more familiar in the New Testament than the Lord's Prayer. It's familiar [...]

Sexual Harassment

Now that I have your attention, I'll try to write a post about one of [...]

In Psalm 19, using wonderful imagery, the Psalmist (probably David) says the heavens have a [...]

Let The Judge Do The Judging

I have posted before about Jesus's warning in Matthew about judging. "Do not judge, or [...]