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New Book Coming Soon!

My first non-legal book, A Time To Be Born, will be published soon. This is a book of meditations, each based on a passage of Holy Scripture.  In writing the book, I’ve done a lot of scripture reading over the past several months. (More about the book in upcoming posts.)

On most book lists, the Bible is the best-selling, most popular, and most read book there is. But ask readers to use an adjective describing the Bible, and there will be a less homogeneous list: beautiful, comforting, confusing, controversial, inerrant, inscrutable, inspired, powerful, and more.

Even among those who believe the Bible to be the word of God, there is disagreement about what the Bible says or what it means. Such a situation creates vast opportunities for discussion. The purpose of this blog is to cultivate this discussion. We will seriously examine various verses, passages, and books in the Bible, Holy Scripture, scripture, a book of literature, or whatever name you use to describe the most read book there is.

I suspect at times there will be more debate than discussion. That’s fine as long as we keep the discussion or debate respectful.

I look forward to engaging in this discussion. I anticipate being inspired, educated, and even frustrated. Such is the nature of a vibrant discussion.

I invite you to fully participate.

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