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A Time to be Born: Meditations on the Birth of a Child.

A Time To Be Born contains twelve scripture-inspired meditations on pregnancy and childbirth. Each meditation is accompanied by a piece original art that expands in a unique way the the meaning of each meditation.

The meditations are the author’s reflections as a father and grandfather on love, pain, joy, hope, faith, and creation stirred by the births of his first two grandchildren. The meditations share with readers the added dimensions of life that the childbirth journey brings.

Childbirth is portrayed as a continuation of God’s creation of the heavens and earth and as a way that God comes to earth each time a child is born. The pain of childbirth is seen as a spiritual connection between God and mother.

The song of Mary is presented as something to be sung by mothers as they await birth and as a source of inspiration to mothers during their nine months of pregnancy. The song of Zechariah and the circumstances surrounding the birth of John the Baptist serve as lessons for fathers as they, too, prepare for a baby’s birth.

In the scriptural births of Jesus, Moses, Samuel, Jeremiah, and Samson, the spiritual and practical aspects of a child’s birth and life are explored. Parents are called to see each birth in scripture as the basis for considering childbirth today.

The hymns and prayers found in Psalms are used to supplement the book’s meditations. They also present additional meditations for expecting parents to contemplate.

Finally, there is a special mediation for the child still in the mother’s womb. It is a loving guide from a father’s memories of his own children and their births and from a grandfather’s hopes and prayers for his grandchildren.

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Crimson Clover Press is a sole proprietorship owned and operated by John B. Phillips that primarily publishes books in the religion genre.

Phillips’ first non-legal book, A TIME TO BE BORN: Meditations on the Birth of a Childbirth, is published by Crimson Clover Press. Each meditation is inspired by a passage of scripture and accompanied by a piece of original art. Phillips has practiced law for over 40 years and has been a prolific writer on employment law and human resources practices. A frequent speaker at legal and human resources conferences and seminars, he has developed several nationally recognized video training series. He has been listed in The Best Lawyers in America for many years and has also been recognized in Super Lawyers — Mid-South Edition.

Phillips has also been a frequent Sunday School teacher, an occasional preacher, a church elder, and an active church leader. He writes for The Scripture Blog which can be accessed through his website,