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“Before thee I am nothing but vanity, iniquity, perishing;
Sin has forfeited thy favor,
stripped me of thy image,
banished me from they presence
exposed me to the curse of thy law;

“I cannot deliver myself, and am in despair.
But a resource is found in thee,
for without my desert or desire
thou didst devise an everlasting plan,
honorable to thy perfections,
and which angels desired to look into.
And the Word which announces all the glory
of this goodness
is nigh me, invites me, beseeches me.

“May I, a convinced and self-despairing sinner,
find Jesus as the power unto salvation,
his death the center of all relief,
the source of all gospel-blessings.

“Help me to repair to that cross,
be crucified to the world by it,
and in it find deepest humiliation,
motives to patience and self-denial,
grace for active benevolence,
faith to grasp eternal life,
hope to lift up my head,
love to bind me forever
to him who died and rose for me.

“May his shed blood make me
more thankful for thy mercies,
more humble under thy correction,
more zealous in thy service,
more watchful against temptation,
more contented in my circumstances,
more useful to others.”

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  • Martha Elder March 15, 2019, 9:04 AM

    Beautiful thoughts. Than you. ME

    • John B. Phillips March 16, 2019, 9:56 AM

      Thanks, Martha. One thing that attracts me to these Puritan thoughts, meditations, and prayers is their beauty.

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