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Hymns Of Our Youth

I am on Twitter (@JohnBPhillips) and often post on Twitter a link to my blog posts, as well as Bible verses and inspirational or humorous quotes.

I have also posted from time to time something I’ve called Songs or Hymns of Our Youth. Even though the 140 character limit for a Twitter post has been relaxed, it’s still difficult to put even one full verse of a hymn on Twitter. So I’ve usually settled for part of a verse as a reminder of the hymns some of us may have sung when we were growing up.

I’ve decided I’m going to post these hymns on this blog and then place a link on Twitter to the blog post containing the hymn. That way, anyone who reads the blog or follows me on Twitter will get the benefit of the full hymn (or most of it).

Of course, if you’re not into hymns–old or new–feel free to bypass the posts containing them.

If you are into hymns, these will spark a lot of memories–cause you to smile, maybe laugh, occasionally cry.

I hope they are meaningful to you.

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