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Mother’s Day Special

In celebration of Mother’s Day, my book, A TIME TO BE BORN: Meditations on the Birth of a Child, can be purchased for $7.50 instead of the regular price of $14.99. Go to john-b-phillips.com. Buy one book or multiple books for all the moms in your life. Each meditation is based on Holy Scripture and is accompanied by original art that helps further explain the meditation.

Meditation One–God Created the Heavens and the Earth–Genesis 1:1-2

Meditation Two–Pain of Childbirth–Genesis 3:16

Meditation Three–The Word Became Flesh–John 1:1-1-5, 14

Meditation Four–I Prayed for This Child–I Samuel 1:10-28

Meditation Five–Birth of Moses–Exodus 2:1-10

Meditation Six–Birth of Jesus–Matthew 1:18-24;2:1-23; Luke 2:4-16

Meditation Seven–Zechariah’s Song–Luke 1:68-79

Meditation Eight–Mary’s Song–Luke 1:46-55

Meditation Nine–I Knew You in the Womb–Jeremiah 1:5

Meditation Ten–Birth of Samson–Judges 13:3-13

Meditation Eleven–The Psalms–Psalm 139:13

Meditation Twelve–The Child Grew–Luke 2:40

Numerous other passages of scripture are woven into these meditations. The book also contains an Introduction and and Epilogue. For more on the book, go to john-b-phillips.com.

Should you have questions, please call 423-504-3532.

Thanks very much, and Happy Mother’s Day.


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