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After watching and absorbing a recent sunrise, I began jotting down some notes about what I had seen and felt in that sunrise and in sunrises past. I can’t say that I observe every sunrise, but I can say that there is no better way to begin the day. It’s almost impossible not to breathe in God’s Spirit and have your spiritual qualities fully activated.

Though I don’t claim to be a poet, I decided to try to organize my thoughts and feelings in the following verse. I hope you find it useful.

Shadowed, surrounded, and colored by clouds,
Brightened and dimmed and strong,
Seeking the tops of low and high mountains,
Lighting the sky for another day’s journey,
Bringing the world from another night’s darkness,
Bursting as a giant star in the middle of God’s sky.

Glorying in the Creator’s creation,
Guiding mankind in a life only partly seen,
Granting solar tools to divide and join the pieces of life,
Rising and risen like the Divine,
Hoping for sunshine the day through,
Participating sometimes in a rainbow of promise.

Providing light for workers,
Making way for the laughter of children,
Giving rise to the goldenness of old age.

Showing the world birds and flowers and trees and all of God’s creatures and things,
Illuminating the landscape of nature’s nooks and crannies,
Finding the soulful places that broadcast the sounds of nature’s language.

Heading finally toward sunset with all its brilliance,
Closing the day with the promise of sleep,
Resting for the fullness of a new day,
Waiting for the Eternal Sunrise.

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