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The Dream Of A Guest Preacher: Prophet or Nut?

Guest preacher? Worship bulletin says he’s unaffiliated with any denomination or church. Preaches everywhere. An itinerant? Hopefully, not long-winded. Well, here goes.

“I hear that you brag about your Sunday offerings, something you love to do. I hear there are those here who turn justice into bitterness and cast righteousness to the ground. There are even those who oppress the innocent and deprive the poor of justice by doing nothing to help them. Woe to you who are complacent and who feel secure — you notable people of the foremost nation. You drive expensive cars, own big houses, dine on fine food, drink wine by the bowlful, and wear costly clothes. Hear this, you who trample the needy and do away with the poor by making them invisible and cheating them with dishonest business practices. The days are coming when the executive will be overtaken by the lineworker and the owner by the day laborer.”

How dare him talk to us like that! He’s a nut! There’s the deacon in charge of worship. “Have you lost your mind? I don’t know how many members we’ll lose after that raving sermon.” “Now hold on. He was just preaching the word.” “The word! What word?” “The word of God. He adapted ‘the ravings’ of the prophet Amos to be his sermon.” “We’re not the Israelites.” “You sure about that? They reacted to Amos the way you’re reacting to our guest preacher.” “Arghh!” “The prophecy of Amos wasn’t for the faint of heart. No mincing of words. He called it like he saw it or perhaps like God caused him to see it. He finally struck a nerve with the Israelites. You, too?”


A dream? No, a nightmare! In Acts 2:17, Peter said, “In the last days…old men will dream dreams.” Ah, but not nightmares.

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